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Grow Your Home

GROW YOUR HOME is based on the concept that as the family grows, so does the house. Ideally, a person could buy a very small house, to begin with, and expand it as they need. What this means is that the initial price of purchase is very low, equating to lower deposits, lower interest, and lower mortgage repayments, making it more affordable and more possible for people to access better housing.

Having the base unit of a house then allows the occupant to use the equity of their existing house to add on another bedroom, living room, or whatever they require when they need it in the future. This can be added with extremely minimal interruption during construction and with a known and fixed cost due to the fact it is all made of high-performance modular components.

The Grow Your Home System works around many different base units of the house that are designed very carefully so that in the future, there are points in the house from which to expand. These points allow the addition to be built without interruption to the people living in the main house. The final step in connection is maybe a day or two spent knocking a hole in the wall to fit a door to the new part of the house.

All of these houses are made from a SIP system of construction. Structural Insulated Panels allow for faster construction times and excellence in thermal capacity. A 140mm thick wall panel can achieve up to R4.4 in a wall section depending on the foam core and up to R8 in the roof, meaning the occupant will have significantly reduced running costs of the building.

A house made from structural insulated panels is exceptionally strong in high winds and earthquakes. They outperform any other construction method for insulation, meaning lower energy consumption and lower bills. The speed of building with SIPs is much faster than that of traditional builds, meaning we can achieve higher quality at a lower cost. Added to this is a significantly reduced operation cost as you will use less energy to heat and cool your house.

We believe that the Grow Your Home model of housing is one of the most sustainable methods of constructing an affordable housing model, as the houses are designed to expand with ease, with the growing needs of a family.

 Grow Your Home
Larger House

Initial two bedroom house (it could be one bedroom)

Small House

Adding an extra bedroom module on the side

Medium House

And another one

Larger House

As the family grows and changes, so does the house

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